So, what do oils do on dry hair in fact?

I'm still on a mission to tame the frizzies in dry hair, and I have tried the following things:
- try to tame them with wet hands (just water: didn't work)
- try to tame them with wet hands (water) that I covered with a bit of conditioner and water again: did work, but made my hair a bit greasier as well
- try to tame with wet hands (water + either jojoba oil, coconut oil or shea oil): worked but for some reason I don't like the idea of putting "straight" oil on my hair
- try to tame with wet hands: water + conditioner + one of the three oils: worked, but still no perfection...

What would be the best thing to tame my frizzies in dry hair then? (spraying things doesn't work, either it doesn't have any antifrizzeffect or it weighs my hair down)
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