Anybody do this and if so, have there been any ill effects to your hair? Also, if you do this, have there been any benefits to your hair?

A couple of months ago, I did a whole head henna application then I started doing my roots every 2 weeks.

I also changed my hair routine to where I wash twice a week instead of once a week and it's now warm outside. My hair tends to grow faster during warm weather months but I think cleansing my scalp more frequently is causing it to grow faster too.

In any case, faster growth is wonderful but it is a mixed blessing in that my grays are popping up much quicker now too. I'm thinking of applying henna to roots every week (as opposed to every 2 weeks) and wanted to hear from anyone who is already doing this or has done this. Pros? Cons?

I do a prepoo with coconut oil before I henna, I shampoo with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo and when I rinse the henna out after it has been on for several hours, I do so with conditioner only. As a result, I have never experienced any of the dryness that many complain of after a henna treatment. And it strengthens my hair as well as colors my grays a mahogany color. I also use amla in my henna mix and indigo to tone down the red color of the henna.

All opinions, input, suggestions, etc. are welcome. LOL! Thanks in advance for your help.
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