A product can be called anything the manufacturer wants to call it. Just because a product is called a moisturizing conditioner doesn't mean it is. Just like something called a cleansing conditioner can have a mild surfactant or not--if it has a surfactant, is it really a lowpoo?? There are a lot of things to question, which is why you have to become savvy in reading ingredient lists, read and learn.

The other issue is about information that one reads on the internet. Just because someone says it, doesn't mean it's true. When you read posts on nc.com (or any other message board), you have to consider it to be the poster's opinion. As you read more, you will learn who has the knowledge and who is speculating with their answers. There's a lot of misinformation given, so "buyer beware." It's obvious from Firefox's posts that she has a scientific background and gives excellent technical information when she answers questions. That's not true of all of the posters, so you need to be careful when reading information on any site.

It can be really confusing because one reads conflicting information. So, just use caution when you read anything.
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Thank you *blushes* and some sage advice here (emboldened). It's worth noting that people should absolutely check and clarify anything I say too, anyone can misunderstand, forget, be out of date. I very much can be biased - notable interest in reactive skin and porous hair, not a fan of most butters or silicones for hair to say the least. Plenty of opinion in my posts, something I'd do far less of in my work environment.

I'd really encourage people to read the more science-based blogs: Natural Haven, Swiftcraftymonkey, 'curl chemist' articles here on NC for example, Beauty Brains. But not Truth in Aging which is littered with sales bias and pseudoscience. For skincare BareFacedTruth is high quality, the guy who writes has the a solid pedigree in research, he can back everything up with study after study. His nature identical cytokines could be a big thing in scalp care and hair loss in the future.
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