Neleke - when I put coconut oil on dry hair, at first it tames the frizz, but over some number of hours it seems to straighten my hair, make it dryer, and make it frizzier. Coconut oil is a weird one because it penetrates, though, so I'm not sure exactly what's happening. Maybe what I should take from this post is that I need actual moisture.
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I've heard of this reaction before. For me it has the opposite reaction... it softens and makes my hair curlier unless of course it's overconditioned.

It might be because you have coarse hair? Coconut oil is supposed to help with protein retention, and many coarse haired curlies have issues with protein so maybe that is in the mix.

I've had good look w/ oils in my hair... jojoba, coconut, olive, both on wet hair and dry. The problem is they take a while to absorb and even application is quite tricky so I would have parts of my hair that were left on the stringy side and others that were naked. That is why I now prefer leave-in conditioners which are typically an emulsion of water and oils/emollients.
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I was thinking it was something like this. OTOH, I've had great luck with doing a long pre-poo with a combo of conditioner, coconut oil, and honey. I added the conditioner just to make it easier to distribute, but maybe my hair wants the moisture with the oil. Or maybe I'm just washing the oil away before it has time to penetrate
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