I've never figured out how to wear those rugged Mary Janes. Do you wear them with socks? And if so, what colour of sock?
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They're part of the Skechers biker series. They're for bicycling. And they are good for other low impact fitness activities. That's how they should be worn (w/ athletic clothing). But I see women wearing them like dress flats.

But they're ugly IMo so I would choose something else, even for biking and working out.
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Yes, those are ugly. But I've seen different versions of these over the years - some cuter than others. They seem to be favoured by the hippie outdoorsy (bike to work) type crowd, atleast out here.
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In the case of less obnoxious versions, I'd wear them w/ cigarette/stovepipe pants or leggings w/ a tunic. No socks.