My hair has been relaxed pretty mich all my lofe til i was about 13. I really havnt seen my natural hair n it was regular for me. My mom always took me to get it and from my view as a child i couldnt tell what it was doing. I thought it just made my hair thinner so therefore it would be easier to manage. In 7th grade i didnt do it for a while and i started to see my natural hair growing out. With the relaxers and not knowing what they dis to my hair i never knew i had such healthy beautiful curls like other latina girls did. I started to grow it out and told my mom i didnt want anymore relaxers because i REALLY wanted my own hair back. I grew back about 4 inches and more in the back (my hair grows faster in the back) and i was really excited about cutting morw of the relaxed hair off each time i went to go get a trim. One day i decided to get my hair cut in layers so therefore i would be cutting more hair off, and i did. During this visit to the salon, i got the keratin treatment. They put it in, straightened my hair and told me to keep it in for 5 days and to not put any heat on it. I did that and went back so they could wash it out. I did and they straightened it again after they washed it. A couple days later i decided to wash my hair becauae i didnt want to have it straight anymore so i did and i was devistated. My hair was completely straight even after i washed it !! The relaxed part was straight from the beginning but the 4 inches of growth i was so happy to have was gone. Having my hair back was so important to me and now i have to start all over!!! If u only understood how this effected me emotionally i used to hate my hair because it was difficult to manage but after growing it i realized that it was the relaxer that did that so to have something way better that was natural and mine was amazing. But now its gone. I dont want to do any treatment whatsoever in my hair i just want to takw care of it and grow it out naturally without chemicals or all that crap. I just want my hair back.