Hi there, my name's Rose. I'm turning 25 in less than half an hour lol and my whole family has curly hair. Our textures range from very coarse curls all over to almost slight waves with no real swirls and everything in between. We all *dad included* wear our hair very long, and growing up like this I guess we just compared notes a lot. I'm still being introduced to a lot of the science behind these new approaches to curly hair coming onto the scene, but it feels like second nature after years of being in an all curly family. I remember being told never to use shampoo anywhere but the first inch of my hair, and to always use my fingers to comb my hair in the shower using plenty of conditioner. I'm excited to hear about other people's experiences and experiments with different regimens, especially anything edging towards thrifty and natural approaches. I'm glad there's so much information coming out so that other curly girls can learn to take pride in the hair they were born with and properly care for it. I'm always stricken when I hear about another girl feeling as though there's nothing to like about their hair, because I surely had moments where I wished mine was straight. Even now I'm still figuring out how to wear my hair naturally and truly like the way it looks but I guess that's why I'm here after all.