I live in the Deep South and I think sometimes people tend to lump it all together. I think a lot depends on where you live. My cousin married a white guy. They are both doctors and they moved to a town where people treated them like dirt. They planned to stay there a few years to knock off their debts for being in impoverished area but left it got so bad. Still it took years for them to sell their house because a black white couple had lived there. Where I live it is very diverse and lots of military and lots of tourists. People don't care much about interracial dating and marriage. I have only dated one guy in the last 10 years who wasn't white or latino (honestly I don't consider latino a race but some people do.) My my mom lives two hours away and I have had black people strangers approach me there while out with white friends ask me why I was hanging out with white people. I went to a store with a guyfriend to buy a locket for his mom. He was white and the white clerk was rude acting like she was disgusted and barely tried to be helpful. I told him to ask to see a ring but he wouldn't do it. LOL!

Oh and I see a lot of naturals in New Orleans.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.