I think I might pick this up over the weekend from sallys. What kind of hairdryer do you have?? I think if I used mine for an hour, it would probably explode. And by the end of the hour.. my low heat setting feels like the high setting. Ugh

So you put your hair in soaking wet??? Or do you do a quick plop so it's not dripping wet??
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The hair dryer I have is the Carmen volume 1600. I'm really happy with it and I can use it for over an hour without any problem. But I bought it in The Netherlands, so I don't know if this is useful information for you...

And yes, I put my hair in soaking wet. I do not plop before! I put it on right after I've applied gel to my hair.

Oh and btw, I don't know how long and thick your hair is, but if you have like BSL/APL and medium density, probably half an hour in that thing is enough for you. I need an hour but my hair reaches to my hips and is highly dense.

I have a soft bonnet from Sally's , it's metallic gold.

Anyway, I love the concept BUT...I have to rotate it around my head constantly b/c the spot where the air comes into the bonnet always dries really fast and gets hot.

The rotating the hat and concentrated drying ended up giving me wonky hair so stopped using it.

Is this design flaw with this particular one I have, or is this common?
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I personally don't have this problem at all with this softhood, Chloe! When I take it off my hair is equally dried at every section.

This softhood from Hairflair has a lot of ''holes'', for proper division of the heat and blowing. It works great!

@wheretostrat: I know right! This thing made my life so much easier! :P

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