And I will elaborate.

Then you got *****s(ers). Ign'ant MFs. (yes. Ign'ant. Ignorant is not knowing better. Ign'ant is not CARING to know or do better.) I mean The people you hate to be around because they WILL make you look bad.

Every "race" has a derogatory term for the worst of their people. And though it didn't START as a separate term, but it has become just that.

As Chris Rock said "I LOVE Black people!! But I hate *****s!!"

I repeat this DAILY!!!!
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And yet I still have a problem with some of my AA kin-folk calling themselves "n***ers"

The irish don't jokingly call each other "m**ks". My Jewish kin-folk don't call themselves "k**es". The Spanish don't affectionately call each other "s**cs". The Arabs don't call each other "box cutters" or ""sand n****ers", or other malicious labels others tag them with.

The Haitians don't call themselves "Haitian devils". Asians in general don't call themselves "g**ks" or "c***ks". Asian Natives of the US don't call themselves "red skins". ... I mean, why can't it be a simple fact that there are good and not so good blacks (like any other group)? How can anyone justify using a word for anyone black that was created w/the idea of beating, raping and hanging blacks from trees? ... And also, when some blacks use such a word all the time, including calling themselves that word, they absolutely lose any argument about keeping others from using it IMO. Especially when it's sometimes used abusively (not just affectionately) toward other blacks.
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As an Italian that is first generation American, we think nothing of using the term "Dago." It's "***" that is the more offensive term because it stands for Without Papers. Relevant to racism, things are definitely better than they were before the Civil Rights movement but unfortunately I do not see it going away. What does, however, irk me about some black people is that they want it both ways. It's OK for them to call any non-black on the carpet for using an AA slur but it's OK for them to use it. My philosophy has always been this: "If you want to chastise me for using a slur to the black race, that's fine. Well and good. Just remember, I'm holding you to the same standard if you use a white slur." I've always believed that racism knows no color. It's wrong no matter where it comes from. Then again, we will probably all be the same color some day and it's coming sooner than we think.