Just plain ignorance to me. I don't understand racism and never will. When I was pregnant with my first my father asked me to get an abortion. I was 24, had my college degree, and was teaching. I of course told him no and we haven't spoken in 14 years. My grandmother(my dad's mother) then came to me and ask me to give her up for adoption). I haven't spoken That entire side of the family in years, which doesn't bother me anymore. My girls have started to ask a lot of questions because their cousins see my dads side. They are just confused as to why. I tell them constantly that they are beautiful, smart, and strong... Which they are. They have so much love from my mothers side of the family, but racism is alive and real where I live in Alabama.
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That is sad that people can let their hate overrule their love for their family. I will pray for them and your girls. I dated a white guy once whose sister had black kids. His father would have nothing to do with them and wouldnt allow my bf to have photos of them in the house. Man probably would have killed over if I'd married his son.
When my cousin married a white guy some family members werent happy about it but they love her so they accept it. In fact my cousin's sister has always said how much she hates white people but but she is crazy about her niece and nephew I guess because family is family.
My dad and stepmom have told me they dont believe in interracial marriage. But do I honestly think a single family member would disown me. Not a chance.

Edit - what I should have said is my parents don't believe in marrying white people. Any other race they don't care. These relatives never really say why they feel the way they do.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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