As an Italian that is first generation American, we think nothing of using the term "Dago." It's "***" that is the more offensive term because it stands for Without Papers. Relevant to racism, things are definitely better than they were before the Civil Rights movement but unfortunately I do not see it going away. What does, however, irk me about some black people is that they want it both ways. It's OK for them to call any non-black on the carpet for using an AA slur but it's OK for them to use it. My philosophy has always been this: "If you want to chastise me for using a slur to the black race, that's fine. Well and good. Just remember, I'm holding you to the same standard if you use a white slur." I've always believed that racism knows no color. It's wrong no matter where it comes from. Then again, we will probably all be the same color some day and it's coming sooner than we think.
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The reason why blacks can use the n-word and no other race can is because its our way of turning the negative output of the original word and slavery into a 'positive' word.

When another race uses the n-word it basically takes out the 'fun' of it because you remind us what happened in the past. The only other race that I've seen use the n-word is Hispanics and I don't mind.

I also don't mind other races using the n-word just don't go up to a random black person and instantly call them that . You can use the n-word just do it around your black friends (any friends) unless you are referring to the er version.

Plus its just a word, you're really going to get mad because you can't say a word when blacks have been through some rough **** and they are still going through it today.
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I disagree with this. If a black person uses the word n***** but yet a white person can't, where is the sense? We are once again fulfilling the heurstics that racism is built off of. It isn't just a word. It has negative connotations. Other people will hear that derogatory word and think, "If they can say it, why can't we?" It reminds me of the saying: 'Do as I say, not as I do.'
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Racism isn't built on words it's built on actions. The day blacks will stop saying n**** is when we are on the same playing field as whites.