Do you have a history of antibiotic use or digestive problems? Do get your essential fatty acid intake/ balance right, that plays a huge role in dermatological health, appropriate immune responses, really every aspect of health.
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I really try to stay away from antibiotics. I was IMO over-prescribed them for sinus/ear problems as a child/teen. Once I went away to college, with my combined apathy and lack of money, I stopped running off to the doctor for every little thing. Lo and behold, I stopped getting sick! I'm not risking getting worse if I am sick and seem to not be getting better on my own, but I prefer to let my own body's defenses work before resorting to antibiotics. I've taken them twice in the last three years, but that's it.

I'm still working on the diet. My rule is- if I eat it, it should have some real value. For example, why use vegetable oil, when you could use olive? One is clearly superior in it's nutritional value, and the other is well, junk food. Plus, it's multi-purpose, food, hair, and skin: I get more bang for my buck! Trying to eat more oily fish (not hard, I love fish and if I have to eat meat, that's my first choice). I buy the eggs with omega-3, try to cram beans, nuts, and seeds into whatever dish I can. Had been taking supplements, but my stomach and vitamins never get along, so I try to get as much as I can from food.