Kurlykimfeu, your silver curls are beautiful!

Stacy3C, I never colored my grays, I started graying so young (24) I was right out of college and too broke! Later, I was tempted by stylists to do so, but never gave in. Partly because I didn't want to spend the $$$, but also because I dreaded the "someday in the future" transition back to gray. I had almost waist-length hair back then, and the idea of having to do a "Big Chop" - even in the distant future - totally terrified me)

Here is my silver (straightened and shoved in a ponytail today). Like others here, I use the Ardell Red/Gold Corrector from Sally. About 8 drops in a palm-full of condtioner, 5-10 minutes. Whenever I think about it, maybe 2-3 times/month. No yellowing problem. I am 49.
Two questions for you curlygirls that are gray . . .-uploadfromtaptalk1371915651310.jpg

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