Just plain ignorance to me. I don't understand racism and never will. When I was pregnant with my first my father asked me to get an abortion. I was 24, had my college degree, and was teaching. I of course told him no and we haven't spoken in 14 years. My grandmother(my dad's mother) then came to me and ask me to give her up for adoption). I haven't spoken That entire side of the family in years, which doesn't bother me anymore. My girls have started to ask a lot of questions because their cousins see my dads side. They are just confused as to why. I tell them constantly that they are beautiful, smart, and strong... Which they are. They have so much love from my mothers side of the family, but racism is alive and real where I live in Alabama.
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Your kids are really lucky to have such strong support from you. It's invaluable considering some of the things they may later encounter.

My relaxers always took well, my hairdresser would leave it on until it started burning though. My hair was laid each time without miss that's for sure. Lol.

I'm transitioning now and the problems some of you speak of in your families also exist in mine. I feel like black Hispanics are some of the worst when it comes to curly hair...hair has to be in the type 2s to ever be considered "good" and even then, it's better off relaxed. The self hate is such a shame.
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Thanks for sharing RizosMio

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