Hey there ladies! I'm Chloe and I've just signed up here after looking through the site and reading the forum recently... I was blown away by the before and after photos... you all have fabulous hair!

So my hair has always been very thick and it used to be very wavy. I however have spent a good few years destroying my hair with blow-driers and straighteners... I also went through a phase of bleaching my hair which I'm sure had a horrible effect! It was very straight through this period, but recently since ditching the bleach, hairdryer and getting a fresh cut, I have started to get some of my waves back! They do however seem to vary on how I do my hair routine, a few weeks ago I had lovely waves after washing and air drying but then the other day doing the same thing my hair dried straight! It can be wavy with a few curls one day and poker straight the next!

Sorry for the long blab, but basically I want to try the CG no-poo method to attempt to bring out my curls and just make my hair healthier in general! I'm planning on CO washing every few days to start with and if it does go through a greasy stage then perhaps do a baking soda/ACV rinse?

I just have a couple of questions for any girls that have tried and tested the CO wash only method (with no shampoo!)...What cleansing conditioners and leave-ins have you found best in general (I already have tresemme naturals for moisturising)? And also I was confused over whether it is best to do a baking soda AND ACV rinse in one go, although I have seen that some people just do the ACV on its own?

Thankyou so much for any help!! xxx