Luster Pink did a great job on my hair. If I was still relaxing, I'd be using that.
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After applying and rinsing out Luster Pink, were you able to just let your hair dry naturally and it would just dry straight? ... Or did you have to tweak things further, like AdThomas and I had to?

Btw, I took a quick look at your blog pics (I'll read it later tomorrow) and ... your hair is amazing I admit too being thoroughly envious of your root lift.
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I guess I should elaborate. LoL!

Luster did the best job. It mad my hair as straight as it could get. There was still a slight wave in it, but it actually made it look relaxed.

I'm low porosity with the STRONGEST of hair. I actually fell asleep with a super relaxer in my hair and my hair was fine. I've put a curl on top of a relaxer on top of a curl and never lost hair. I had to cut my straight ends off.

So no relaxer would straighten my hair to bone straight.

But I guess my strong hair is a blessing.

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You fell asleep with relaxer in your hair? I would be dead.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.