Trying not to be miffed about this message my dad left. I ordered him some speakers fro Amazon that can be set up inside or on his outdoor patio for Fathers Day. He is a big music fan. His voice mail tells me I overthought the gift and whether this is something he actually needs and how he would have been happy with a Sears gift card. What bothers me is I have tons of perfume he has bought me though the years that I will never use up because I rarely wear perfume. Also he and his wife have bought me all kinds of bubble bath I also cant use. I have had sensitive skin since I was a baby. I made my cousin promise not to tell I gave it to her. I have never once complained about his gifts. Not even the tacky green polka dot with black and white stripes outfit he bought me as a kid. Went straight to garbage though.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.