Trying not to be miffed about this message my dad left. I ordered him some speakers fro Amazon that can be set up inside or on his outdoor patio for Fathers Day. He is a big music fan. His voice mail tells me I overthought the gift and whether this is something he actually needs and how he would have been happy with a Sears gift card. What bothers me is I have tons of perfume he has bought me though the years that I will never use up because I rarely wear perfume. Also he and his wife have bought me all kinds of bubble bath I also cant use. I have had sensitive skin since I was a baby. I made my cousin promise not to tell I gave it to her. I have never once complained about his gifts. Not even the tacky green polka dot with black and white stripes outfit he bought me as a kid. Went straight to garbage though.
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I like the gift you fave ur dad :-). My dad has foot in mouth syndrome too. I ignore it unless its over something serious and the last time that happened was last year and the time before that almost 3 years ago. You should be lazy like me and just ask parentals what they want. For some reason when you become an adult parents like to give their opinions on gifts you give them uncensored. My mom did almost the same thing to me 2 years ago.
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