I'm only on Day 10 of CG but I've learned a few important things that I REALLY need to stick to. Any other tips and advice are appreciated!!

Things I've Learned...
  1. Too much manipulation (touching, scrunching, blotting, etc.) causes my waves to break up and frizz.
  2. Upside down rinsing is a no go and leads to seriously wonky roots.
  3. Upside down styling is okay as long as I "leave my roots in their place" and add product to the back of my head when I put my head upright.
  4. Adding product when my hair is dry or trying to fix or perfect pieces only makes it worse. I REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS ONE.
  5. Flour sack towels work best for plopping.
  6. Plopping for 15-30 minutes (depending on how much water is left in my hair) is best.
  7. Often only my canopy is messy/frizzy. The rest of my hair is fine so I don't need to throw it in a bun. Pinning just the messy part works great.

Some New Rules for Myself...
  1. I will limit the products I use and focus on experimenting with texhniques. I hope this will give me a sort of "baseline" of my hair.
  2. I will only style my hair once while wet and not mess with it after that. It never helps.
  3. I will settle for "pretty good" and stop trying to perfect and fix. It never ever ever helps.
  4. I will only resort to a messy bun if it is REALLY bad.
  5. I will only re wash and style if it is so bad that it can't even look presentable in an updo, I have a reaction, etc. If I continue redoing every time my hair is less than perfect it is going to get seriously dried out.

Some Things I Really Need to Figure Out... HELP please!!
  1. Parting- If I part I get flat roots and less wave. If I don't I get a wonky part and waves that lay funny.
  2. Scrunching vs. Raking- I can't figure out which works for me. If I rake I get MUCH better product distribution and frizz control but get looser waves. If I scrunch I get awesome volume and curl but more frizz and areas that don't get any product. Even if I scrunch after raking I still get flat roots.
  3. Co washing- I can't figure out if my hair is adjusting or if it's weighing me down. I don't think I'm overconditioned because my hair is porous and damaged.
  4. Second day hair- This phenomena has yet to occur for me.
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.