Sounds like you have learned a lot and made good progress! Are you getting a light lather from your co-wash and ending up with 'squeaky' clean feeling hair when you are rinsing?

You might try a combination of scrunch and pump with lightly running lightly coated palms over the surface of any areas prone to frizz, not enough to press or pull out waves like raking. IIRC they run palms over in the Devachan videos on YouTube, tho only upside down you could do it both ways up.

Not sure there is any solution to the part issue, if you want hair super neat you use a comb and sacrifice clumps or wave, if you want volume and curl closer to the roots you sacrifice a neat line. People who can do both generally have a strong curl pattern. I quit parting my hair when I established that was contributing to canopy frizz and killing curl, other wavies I see who part have straight roots too.

Growing your hair out differently or cutting in layers differently may help your hair to sit better without a part. It's easier to adjust clumps into good positions if you don't overdry with plopping or scrunching and use root clips. Some people clip before they plop, no idea how that stays in tho.
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TY! I'm going to try scrunch and pump.. I was reading some threads about it but one thing is unclear. Do you quickly scrunch the product in all over then scrunch and pump section by section? Or is it adding the product section by section scrunching and pumping?

As far as co washing... my scalp feels clean but the lengths don't. I kind of add a lot of conditioner, massage a lot with the pads of my fingers, let it sit.. Then add some water, massage some more so it turns "milky", then massage as I rinse. My scalp feels really clean but the lengths feel weighed down (even if I don't follow up with a RO).

I think I'm just going to give up on a neat part. I'd rather have root curl and a messy part than a flat top. I also noticed that my waves were better when my hair was BSL (it's shoulder length now)... In pics with long hair I look to be about 2C and now I'm 2A/B.
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.