Negative on any probiotics after antibiotic use. I've honestly never looked into them. I've always heard it was good to consume yogurt during and after antibiotic use, but I can't stand the stuff. Unless it's an aged cheese, the more foul-smelling the better, I'm not keen on dairy products. I have a friend who will be visiting on leave from the Air Force around July 4th who is huge into all these various supplements and nutrition...I think he and I will go on a little shopping trip armed with your suggestions.

I'm really just now beginning to understand just how important it is to take a more holistic approach to my health, everything you have brought up rings true. The eczema, digestive issues, candida; they all have reared their ugly heads over the last few years. I treat each one individually as they occur, but they never fully are resolved. I really think diet modification is key, I've never eaten badly per se, but there's always room for improvement.

In other news, I tried the AVG on the particularly itchy, dry patch I have on my crown, no bad reaction! In fact, it soothed the itch rather than exacerbating it like two weeks prior. As long as I don't apply too frequently, I think I will try re-introducing it to my scalp/hair routine, see if I can handle it again.