Death threats? All for red hair? That is crazy! I love red hair and I've always wished that I was a natural redhead (because sure, people can dye their hair red, but in my opinion it never really looks as good as those who have it naturally.)

There's crude/slightly mean jokes for every hair colour, I think. My hair is naturally dark blonde, but I bleach it and of course I get the blonde jokes and the "ew, bottle blonde" thing, but it's like, really? You think I'm trying to pass off bleached hair as natural? I'm not...

I understand the minour "ginger" jokes -- if it's all in good fun. (And people very well know the boundaries.) My ex boyfriend was a ginger, and it wasn't like he didn't know and so I made the occasional ginger joke about him and he made the occasional blonde joke about me. That being said, death threats to a little girl?

That is absolutely disgusting.