So I used to keep my hair really short all the time because it is, not only curly, but super thick, but I decided that short hair for seven years was enough, so I've started growing it out, but I'm sort of worried about what it's going to look like when it's significantly longer because it's already much different than it was when it was shorter (and it's about top-of-the-chest length right now.)

Here's the oldest picture I have from when it was short... (The front is flat-ironed, obviously...)

A bit longer...


And that brings us about to now... (This picture is from four days ago so it's almost exact.)

(Sorry about my geeky expressions.)

So this is just a wee bit over a year of growing. Anyway, I think it's weird that it's getting curlier as it's getting longer, because I thought it was supposed to be less-curly because it's heavier. I'm just wondering if anyone with a similar hair type to me has had a similar experience or knows what I might should expect for the future -- curlier, less curly, frizzier, etc?