I read The Phantom of the Opera the other day.

Um, prepare for a mini-rant, here. No spoilers, 'course.

So, A, I didn't know it was a book initially. I thought it was a play, adapted into a movie. Actually, it's a book adapted into a play which was adapted into a movie.

B, it's only 150 pages long. That threw me off a lot considering what the story is even in it's essence, y'know?

If nothing else, I'm VERY impressed that the author was able to cram THAT much story into 150 pages without it reading like it was crammed into a small number of pages.

In the back of my head, I'm comparing this to the movie, y'know?

C, the characters are not even the same people. Except maybe the two men who bought the opera house...but it's night and day difference.

Lastly...the phantom (who is referred to as the "opera ghost" in the book, which I thought was weird) is very very genuinely scary unlike he is in the movie. It's pretty sick, and a lot of stuff that you don't expect happens...

Just, wow.