To me it's because there still isn't a level playing field. Take miss black America. Do you know how hard it is to be black in those pageants? Black women rarely make the top 20. The whole contest is sorta rigged against you as you're being judged on western beauty standards opposite of features you actually have. So it makes sense to want to even things by separating. I mean a 8 year old wouldn't compete with a 20 year old.
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copied from Wikipedia (The foremost authority on all things "
"since the crowning of Vanessa Williams in 1984, 28% of Miss America pageant winners have been black[2] while only about 14% of the general populace is black, so the question arises as to how they can be considered still underrepresented, given those numbers." So it appears black women are actually gaining a foot hold, at least in the Miss America pageant.