I've been asked things like this before because I attended a historically black college. A lot of these organizations were founded out of necessity because we couldn't attend other colleges or we couldn't belong to the group because we were black. They were developed to foster networking and allow us the same opportunities that were being denied to us. So now that we are "allowed" to join the other groups should we just tear down our alma mater or end an organization? These groups weren't really started so that we remain separate, they were started so that we could foster equality.

I have always wondered about this and maybe you guys can answer "why is this okay?" At my job there is "the Coalition of Black Fire Fighters", in our town there is the "Black Rodeo", The "Black Chamber of Commerce", and of course "Miss Black America". How is this okay? If we organized a "Coalition of White Fire Fighters" and told black fire fighters they were not welcome at our meetings that are held in tax funded firestations there would be public outcry. If we had a beauty contest and specially told black women they were not allowed in "our" beauty contest, there would be public outcry. So, why is it okay for blacks to exclude whites, but not okay for whites to exclude blacks? Doesn't this just perpetuate a division of the races?
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