I believe there are life on other planets. The universe is infinite how can there not be? How can we be the only life out of a gabillion galaxies? I think we may be the only life in our galaxy though.

As far as ghost, we are energy, and energy can never be destroyed even when our physical body dies, our energy is still there. I think if the energy is strong enough we can experience things we call "ghost" or else i am crazy and should be committed. The ish I have witnessed is scary as hell and if it was all in my head, HOLY CRAP!!!
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There's been a few. but the recent ones happened in my dorm room in college. The first incident occur when I was at my desk and my roommate was standing there and we were chatting. My desk was right near the door. as we were talking we both heard the door knob ratttle as if soemone was trying to come in. We looked and could see the door knob turning and the door move as if someone was trying to come in. We thought some drunk student came to the wrong room. So I swug open the door. No one was there. There was no where for anyone to hide because it was just a long hallway in both directions. we just thought we were tired from studying. the next incident happened when we were watching tv and an empty soda can across the room ( away from both of us) Went across the room as if someone had thrown it. I picked up the can and it looked like someone had crushed it. no way it could had happened just hitting the wall and floor. The next incident was once again we were watching tv. there was a pair of headphones on a table. my roomie's back was to the table but they were right near her head and i was facing it. while watching tv, i saw out of the corner of my eye, the earphones moving. I didnt move my head, just my eyes, and i saw them rise up like someone was picking them up. I jumped up immidently and they fell back to the table. I looked for anything that could had made the earphones move. she had heard the noise from the earphones moving, and thought i was grabbed for them and even felt a brush across her back as if i may had accidently touched her when getting them. The last incident was when i was sleep and i woke up to my blankets being pulled off me. I thought my roomate was doing it. until i realised i was alone in the room. I end up wrapping and tucking the blanket around me and sleeping in a ball in the corner of my bed. My roommate never stayed alone in the room.