If you have fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity do you Co-Wash or Low Poo? I have used Deva No Poo and One C for a long time and I am in the process of switching. My hair has felt over conditioned for a while so I am trying to switch up my products and possibly my routines to see if I can get better results.

I am trying to decide if I should go with another Low Poo or try Co-Washing. I am wondering if Co-Washing will be too heavy for my hair.

I would appreciate hearing what your “washing” routine is!

If you use a Low Poo can you let me know which ones you recommend? My hair profile suggested CJ Assurance Gentle, Giovanni TTT and Jessicurl Gentle.

If you Co-Wash do you use the same as your rinse out or a different one? I am especially interested if you Co-Wash with the more expensive conditioners.