Honestly I still use the n word. Mostly when somebody is being stupid. Whether they r black or white. It's just what I wad raised on. However I just don't walk around using the word either because I know many ppl who are offended by it. I put in another thread that an older white lady kept on calling me a dumb N at McDonald's. And she got mad that I didn't get offended. But when I said "yo mama" she got mad lol. I think we need to take the power from racist words like that. Yes they are or can be offensive. However I know that when confronted with the word, not stooping to their level is the most rewarding way to confront it.

It doesn't hurt me when I hear a white person calling somebody a N cuz that just let's me know they r still holding on to the past. Trying to use that or any word against me just makes me laugh because I see what type of person they r. Of course I know many people who despise that word, I understand that. Especially those who grew up in the era where blacks were openly discriminated against. But we take away the negative power over the word when we come back at it with class.

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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I don't bother to educate those older then me on what's offensive because I've realized they were raised in the era of were being racist and killing a black person was acceptable. Even though I think what era you were born and raise shouldn't play an effect on your judgement of those with skin. It's kinda like with Paula Deen.