I alternate between co-washing (straight conditioner or cleansing conditioner), low-poo an even the occasional gentle sulfate shampoo. I was able to use Deva No-Poo and One C exclusively for over a year (this was before I knew what CG was). Once I started trying other products I didn't love Deva as much. Then I realized it was the One C that I didn't care for, not the No-Poo. I further experimented by trying the DevaCARE line and was back in love. It's not supposed to be really that different from DevaCURL, but for me the difference between the two different One C formulas was amazing.
I could probably still use a cleansing conditioner exclusively, but I'm a product junkie. I do have to be careful with straight conditioner co-washing. There are very few conditioners that don't leave my scalp feeling gunky. My personal favorite is VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner. My current low-poos are Curl Junkie Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and MoroccanOil Volumizing Shampoo (one of the few CG products they make). And CHS Treatment Shampoo (sulfate) is one of those products that will have to be pried from my cold dead hands.

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