I totally hate having to attend cocktail parties for my co. I manage a Board Meeting of 50 people and my co. is having a cocktail party for them afterward. Ugh!!! I am shy, I'm not supposed to drink alcohol, I have absolutely nothing in common with these CEO's of major banks, etc., and I want to be drinking in a good book!

I'm invited but my supervisor said I'm not obligated to attend. Of course it will look really crappy if I don't attend, but I can't stomach it. Introverted curlies, give me some encouragement! I do a great job for my boss - but I loathe the idea of exchanging meaningless chit chat with these people that I don't know and don't care about at all. Unfortunately, if I don't go - it will be obvious that I am completely uninterested in them, but I'm not going to go anyway, even though I'm scared it will count against me.
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Can you invite (bribe) a coworker to tag along w/ you? Not as awkward as bringing a date and it would still be a buffer for you.

Or can you make friends w/ the person who is catering/managing the affair so you can "help" him/her and keep yourself occupied and appearing to be involved.

I'm not exactly introverted but I am very rigid in terms of the things that I do and don't like. And yes, being forced to mingle w/ a group I find boring/pompous/very different would be torture for me and I would come across as rather badly. I totally get the concept of not wanting to fake it.

I think as lomg as you say hello to everyone and spend at least 30 mins there, you have done your job.

But also remember, these ppl could be your next (better-paying) employer if they like you.

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