It doesn't hurt me when I hear a white person calling somebody a N cuz that just let's me know they r still holding on to the past.
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I overstand you not wanting to give the racist trolls any more attention and power than they already have. I feel the same way. I just don't think the answer is always to casually write off their behavior.

Adults are better equipped to handle these sorts of confrontations. I don't believe most kids, especially black kids, will (or should) take it casually when they are called a n****r by racists. I don't even think adults or anyone of any "color" should be expected to take it casually. And we set the example (assuming you're an adult).

It's not that WW3 needs to be waged every time a racist uses hate speech, but I think the more of us speak out against it each time it happens - even if it means making a joke that puts him/her in her place - it creates peer pressure on that person to STFU or think twice before being verbally abusive in public again (including to kids, who are prime targets since they can't fight back as easily). I mean, so many people have publicly complained about racists tossing n-bombs at people, that we all now get censored on forums for attempting to spell the word n****r. It truly is a pain in the ass (Geez I'm even able to write ass ). Sure, it's censorship by any other name. But it's censorship that was encouraged by public consensus, it seems.

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