I'm fairly new to CG myself, and have had similar issues regarding raking and scrunching. I'm finding that raking, then smoothing the individual curls a bit, then scrunching with a flour sack towel (lift the section with the towel in both hands, squeeze and hold for a few seconds, then gently release and lower) and plopping for about 10 minutes is working pretty well. Then I pixiecurl diffuse until my hair's about 50% dry. I always have frizz, but much less this way. For second day hair, I wet my hands and run them over my hair, then rub a few drops of camellia oil (it's very light) in my palms and run that over, then scrunch lightly. I haven't been successful using any other products on second day, and if I try to spray anything in, I get a lot of frizz. I'm on third day hair today and it actually looks OK in a messy sort of way, but I hauled a bunch of dirt in the yard yesterday and it's drizzling today, so all things considered it's not bad.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Suave conditioner, LAL gel