chloe92us -I looked and I have been using the No Poo and the One C. The issue I have seems to be getting over conditioned or perhaps it is build up. After a few days my hair just seems to be weighted down. My curls don't seem to bounce as they used to and usually by the end of the day seem to get flatter. I do "wash" my hair usually about once a week to remove the build up but for awhile it felt like perhaps the Deva products were just not working in my hair.

I am in the process of switching most of my other products as well. I have been using the Deva No Poo/One C/Recoil/BRHG for awhile and think it is time to switch things up. It might also be the recoil weighing it down which is why I plan to try something else instead there as well

I am planning to try the CJ Beauticurls Strengthening and the Spiral Curls Caitlin Conditioners since those were recommended on my curl profile but I am trying to figure our which Low Poo or No Poos to try or if I should go with just Co-Wash which is why I made this post. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated!