Firefox7275 - When I say I wash my hair I mean with a lathering/clarifying poo. My usual routine is to alternate water wash days/No Poo days and one day use clarifying poo. When I water wash I just use water, no conditioner which for now is One C.

I did try for awhile to use One C as a leave in and found it to work great the first day or so but by the 3rd day my hair was really weighed down, almost greasy feeling so that is why I thought it might be the Deva Products. But, I am also trying to find a different curl creme to use in case it is the Re: Coil. I tried KCCC before but never quite feel in love. In the am it would look good but by the afternoon my hair was very weighed down and greasy feeling.

As I mentioned in another post from you I live in Orlando so the humidity is really high right now, 70% today with a dew point of 74. My hair properties are fine/normal/normal.

I appreciate all the advice!