Yea the younger ppl do seem to be more liberal. And I think a lot of them are like me and really don't give a damn what other ppl do n their own lives. That's what I do lol. I'm jus like ok, well if u wana be gay then go ahead. I don't have to agree. I think there are way less racist young ppl. Probably because ppl are more open to learning about others. All blacks and whites aren't the same. And ppl atr realizing that.

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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I don't see why people like my generation so much. I agree that we are more open-minded, not homophobic, and less racist.

My generation depends to much on our parents and the older generation gives us to many things without making us work for it.My parents are not like this, but every once and a while I hear a boy calling his mother a b**** for not getting him a new pair of sneakers or a girl fails a class for never doing her homework and then complains to her parents making the teacher get in trouble.

Heck I have teachers in their 50s trying to inspire us and the majority of kids will laugh at them and make snide comments. They are so fearless and that's because they know they can run to mommy and daddy if they get in trouble.