It doesn't suprise me at all.
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Really. Why is this news? How old is she? Where is she from? What is her race? How is this different than 95% of the rest of all old White ppl from down South?
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I've never seen any of the old white people in my family act like that. Just because your from the south, and of a specific age, it doesn't mean your automatically racist.

Or sexually harassing everyone who walks in the room.
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All the old folks I have met from la and ms are awesome. They still pester me to come down for a visit. One of them is an white lady in her mid-eighties. Her best friend is a black lady. They known each other since they were children. They marched to washington together. When obama ran for president she said, "i hope that young man wins, just to piss off the whites." I have to see what she has to say about ms paula deen. I am sure nothing nice.