I've met a lot of natural straighties who have curl envy. Usually they assume that I, as a curly, must long for their straight hair. (I get why they'd think that. Society trains us to dis our curls.)

After complimenting my curls, they often say something like, "You always want what you don't have, don't you?" or "The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?"

These days I respond honestly, even if it sounds smug: "No, not really," I say, "I love my hair." ... And it's true. I have a strong bias toward every curl type in this world. All these years later, it's amazing to think there was a time I DIDN'T like curls! There's some seriously amazing curly hair out there. I LOVE it on men!

... At the same time, I hope those "grass is greener" thinking straighties can learn to accept the beauty in their straight hair.
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I dropped my daughter off at school one day. The mother of one kid alternates between wearing her hair curly and doing the flat-iron straighten routine. She and I got to talking so I mentioned that and said, "I find it actually takes longer to get ready when I straighten it." More or less confirms what I would have thought. As for mine, my feedback has ranged from "you must hate it" to "you got lucky with having curls." I definitely believe the latter now.

Korkscrew, I couldn't imagine you any other way than with that gorgeous head of curls