Cheese and wine, nothing on Earth can top that combo!

We seem to be in the same boat, I never get colds. This past winter was stressful on many levels, and I ended up with two! Not fun.

Eating better and finally getting back into exercise again have made huge changes, on many levels. I began light weight training and got back into yoga about a month ago. I always struggled to find activities that either didn't bore me or irritate an old knee injury, plus working full time and having a toddler I have little time to cram in workouts. Funny you mention depression; I ended up with bad postpartum depression after my son was born, which is FINALLY easing up. He's 20 months old, it went on far too long. I was prescribed meds, but did not want to take them. I believe 100% that diet modification and becoming more active is what got me over that hump, along with "cleaning out" the sources of stress in my life.