Feel the need to update here!

The company I was freelancing for offered me a full-time job with benefits!

And that guy I was working for part-time turned-out to be yet another catty theatre guy who thinks the world should revolve around him. He started emailing me here and there telling me not to come in because he was broke.

We didn't speak for two weeks. I kinda figured it was a done deal that I wasn't going back, and the other job was offered to me so I accepted (without quitting. Because I hadn't, you know, spoken to this man in two weeks.)

He also required I cover his work a weekend he'd be away at the end of July. This is the SAME weekend an ORIGINAL FULL LENGTH PLAY THAT I WROTE is premiering and I couldn't be in both places. I explained this to him (I thought over a month's notice was good enough...he snapped at me that it wasn't "ample enough time.") I even offered to find a fill-in (I have plenty of friends that could have done so.) He was incredibly *****y about it and kinda demanded I choose.

And why on earth would I choose a part-time job that gives me an hour's notice (also not "ample time") not to expect a paycheck for the week over something I put my heart and soul into??????

And then yesterday, he emailed me to not come back. He was an incredibly strange man (went into detail about his suicide attempt the DAY I STARTED and talked about the guys he met on "hook-up sites". It was just the two of us in the office so it got a little awkward.) There were notes all over his desk for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and medication and doctors/therapists. I kinda had the feeling, "Oh lord, if I work here and get too close to this guy, he'll be threatening to hang himself in the middle of the night or something and I'll be the person he calls and I DO NOT WANT to deal with that!"

I wasn't upset AT ALL when I heard from him, I just rolled my eyes and laughed.

The thing I learned from this is that I don't want to be part of the NYC theatre community as somebody's assistant. This taught me I don't want to work in a theatre office for my day job. If I'm part of the theatre community, it will be as a playwright, not as somebody's little gofer. The guys that run these offices seem to be all the same, whether they're a huge name in the community like my previous boss or this dude, who isn't a name at all.

This new full-time job is working with books and authors, it's in a different neighborhood (I have always worked in the Times Square area, so this might be a nice change) and I have my play premiering next month. I'm just going to laugh about that other guy.

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