Funny you should I ask - I just came across this great post about protein-moisture balancing.
You can do a 'strand test/ wet assesment' as described in the article, and you can find out if your hair needs moisture, protein or is balanced.

If you do a strand test (pull a strand of hair, and see how it behaves) and you get any of the results below, you need more protein:

(When Wet or Dry) Stretches a little more than normal then breaks, you need more protein in your regimen.

(When Wet or Dry)Stretches, stretches, stretches with no significant breakage yet, add a bit more protein to your regimen.

(Wet)- Feels weak, gummy, mushy, or limp, you need to add more protein to your regimen.

The Fine Art of Protein and Moisture Balancing for Black Hair Care - Yahoo! Voices -
3B, medium density, high porosity, low width, bleached shoulder length African-European hair...

Hydrating Conditioner or Protein Conditioner and wash daily