I grew up in a "natural" home. I caught a lot of flak from other black people for it...to the point I didn't have any black friends. I didn't get why it worth completely ostracizing me for it. So I've always had natural hair. I tried a relaxer when I was 19 and then I cut my hair boy short. It was very short lived.

I think because of my experience I still don't "embrace". I grew up in a home where it was normal, but when I moved to a black neighborhood, from a white neighborhood, other people made me feel bad about it, even though I didn't at first.

I refuse to wear a hairstyle that doesn't allow me work out, swim, travel to remote place, or be comfortable outside in the rain or snow...it's just not worth it. And heaven forbid I get my hair professionally done all the time and wear weaves and what not I can't afford. Yeah, I don't feel as pretty and that sucks, but my vanity isn't worth my life.
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I know exactly how you feel. I'm mixed, so I always felt like an outcast when I was younger. When I was around the white or hispanic crowd, I always wanted my hair to be as straight or wavy & flowy like theirs. I hated how course/dry/curly my hair was. && when I hung out with the black crowd, I still felt bad about my hair because I would constantly get told that I need to relax my hair.

But when I went to college and lived on campus, I opened up my mind more and realized that I needed to stop wanting what others have and accept what I was born with. Going natural was on of the best choices I ever made. I had times during my transitioning where I just wanted to give in because I hated dealing with my 2 textures. && when I cut my hair off I literally cried because my hair has always been long and now it was super short. But it was ALL worth it. I could care less what people say about my hair now because I love it.

I think it's great that you're staying natural, and hopefully over time you'll embrace your hair regardless of what others think. All hair is beautiful!