I have same issues wirh dryness, sensitive skin and rosacea. Such a fun combo isn't it? I like Vanicream moisturizer. Cerave and Cetaphil both made me scaly. It was bad. Vanicream has helped a lot. I also use coconut oil to wash my face but I saw you said coconut oil broke you out. That sucks because that has been a god send for me. I only do it once a day at night to remove makeup. In the morning i just wash with water. On particularly bad days I will do a honey mask. That does really help calm things down a lot. I don't know if you use makeup but I am also very cautious with that and try to keep it as minimal as possible. For me the trigger seems to be chemical sunscreens and that's sadly in so much stuff.

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Yep yep! Fun combo to deal with! I so wanted to like the coconut oil and I've tried it multiple times to no avail. I do use makeup, though very little at this point due to the struggle to find stuff that doesn't make my skin angry. Mostly just eye makeup, so I use some makeup remover wipes before cleansing. I've been using plain, lukewarm water to rinse my face after removing makeup and following with a honey mask for 10 minutes followed by misting some epsom salt water on (1 tsp. epsom salts to two cups water). I'm just rinsing with water in the morning and applying sunscreen. Blue Lizard's Sensitive sunscreen has been working well and I've had no problems with it. I've only needed moisturizer a couple of times, and when I do that is when I break out, so I'm still looking for a good one. I'll definitely try out the Vanicream.

Yes to Carrots is so far the best moisturizer I've ever used. It's like a generic one, but they have one called Yes to Cucumbers which is the version for sensitive skin.

It makes your skin SO soft, and on top of that, it even makes my skin look/feel better with it being regularly super oily.
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Definitely going to try it out!
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