Something is in the air. I swear it is. We've had so many complete mental breakdowns, and strange calls, over the past 2 days. People here on vacation, etc. It's not been pretty. Perhaps it has something to do with the heat. We always have an increase in calls when it gets hot, but they are still unseasonably crazy.

Speaking of hot, I just ran into one of my ex boyfriends. He is still so good looking. His eyes are so blue, they're turquoise, and he has long blonde hair, and a face so handsome... he's beautiful. Incredibly intelligent too. He skipped 2 grades in High School, got a degree in biology, has discovered and named species of insects, and all while being a beyond cool skate punk who drove a uber redneck (yet not) truck. Lol. I'm fond of him. Always will be. He is perplexing and incredibly kind, but just fond as a friend. He was still in love with his ex and I was still in love with mine when we dated. We just rode around, kept each other company, and made out.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??