Cubanwavy Ė I am definitely going to get that checked. My doctor actually recommended I get a blood test done so Iíll be doing that when I have time at the end of the week. Thank you! Also, the dye the salon used on me was conditioning, not drying. It probably does dry hair to some extent but it conditioned it really well. It looked and felt so healthy. Itís called Redken Shades EQ. It was only when it faded out that my hair became unhealthy again. And thank you for the conditioning balm suggestion, Iíll have to check that out!

Firefox Ė Thatís correct, no dye at all for 6 months. No heat styling with the exception of about 2 times so very little. The new growth is healthier than the blonde part but is still not very healthy. The new growth was strong but has gotten damaged from shampoos I guess? I would actually prefer not to do any dye at all because of possible PPD allergy, not even semi permanent. I just want the natural color at the top all over and it was almost there until I started getting highlights. I did look up the ingredients on the products and they do contain a lot of silicones, I was wondering where all the buildup was coming from. I have started wearing a hat when I sunbathe but just normal time in the sun (like walking in/out of a grocery store) I donít. I appreciate your suggestion about embracing my natural texture and color but it is important to feel confident and being a teenager I like to fit in and prefer it straight. I only flat iron every 3 days when I do but I havenít for months because I want to get my hair healthy first. Thank you for all the information, it was very informative!

Curly Ė The kids shampoo did seem not as harsh on my hair. I saw a huge difference between that and the Herbal Essences (horrible!!) but it did not take away any dryness. There are lots of good reviews on it though. Iím not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. Iím basically only shampooing twice a week so I donít think I can go less often than that because my hair gets greasy. I do plan on cutting it as soon as the length is where I want it, which I need to flat iron it to see where the length really is. I think itís very close.

Chloe Ė Iím having difficulty finding a gentle sulfate free shampoo. Every sulfate free shampoo Iíve used has caused problems like lightening. Do you have one you would recommend?

Thanks everyone! So should I stop using these products? They make my hair seem healthy and without them, my hair is dry and frizzy. But they do have mostly silicones like Firefox said and oil is low on the list. Iím just worried if I stop using those, itís going to be really damaged. Do the silicones get rid of the damage or just hide it?