Hi guys--

New to all this. I'm 41 years old and have just realized I have curly hair.

My hair has always been super-thick and prone to frizz, but it truly was straight through high school. In college and after it became clear that the potential for curl was there, but I never could harness it successfully, and so for most of my adulthood I've blown it out or straightened it. It looks good straight! And I probably will still do that sometimes. But for everyday, I want it to be natural and healthy and I want to enjoy my waves.

I've tried going shampoo-free before and had alarming results, but I think maybe I was using the wrong products. I'm trying to get a better start this time with some stuff I've already been using on my kids' hair (both straighties--for now). Will post more deets and some questions in the general forum.

I don't want to be a slave to my hair--I want this to be a step toward NOT thinking about it that much (and not spending that much on it). So I'll be looking for some easy tips and one-step styling products. Thanks in advance for welcoming me and for your advice.

Jessica, 41
Type Bc