anissafersure, you have amazing hair! I have major curl envy right now

I embraced mine about a month ago? I'm 28 and have been straightening my hair daily for 8 years prior. And before that it was the old brush into submission and slick back ponytail. Yikes!

Since going on this forum and being inspired by all the amazing hair on here, I am now trying to get as much volume as I can! I got a few not so nice comments from some people (one girl said I should start wearing 80's clothing....what?), but the majority have said it suits me which helped a lot. The best thing is that as it gets better, the more I feel like 'me' if that makes sense.

Anyway, you should wear your hair out everyday! It's stunning, as are you
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Thank you so much! and I was the same way. I was always straightening my hair, and if my hair was curly then it went right up in a ponytail! Haha. But forums, blogs, and sites (especially YouTube) like this have also inspired me to just accept the curls I have. The people who judge your hair are just ignorant. They're usually the ones who don't understand curly hair and are just close minded. Congrats are deciding to embrace your curls!