I love this forum - such awesome info! I learn something new all of the time!

I have found two inexpensive lines of sulphate free shampoos, along with silicone free conditioners - both are available at Walmart. One is Live Clean (I esp like the apple cider shampoo when I want to remove product build up, and on my daughter's smelly scalp) and the other is the green line of Tresemme (white and green bottle). DO make sure to always read labels.

Firefox is also right about not being able to recommend products for others, per se, as our hair is as individual as our faces Plus, climate, water, etc must affect our hair too.

However, I'd stay the heck away from almost all silicones - they do NOT repair hair (like Firefox says, hair can't be repaired, once damaged) and for my fine, formerly blonde hair, silicone dries out my hair in the long run. I have had some luck with one particular silicone - starts with an a - can't remember the name. Some literature about whether it is 'as bad' as other silicones, etc. It is in one of my styling products - Sebastian's Potion 9. I use a very small amount (I'm a cream type of person, as opposed to a clear gel) and I find that any build up washes out with the Live Clean clarifying (BUT SULPHATE FREE) shampoo.

Not only do dyes damage hair (some processes less so) but the shampoo, conditioners, products at the salon can set CG or modified CGs back to some degree.

Hydrated hair is happy hair! Hydrated hair makes for lovely curls, not crazy, wild person hair.

I love the advice on this site - handle your hair gently, don't brush it when dry (unless you like frizz). Don't rub it harshly with a towel. Don't pull on it, tie it down like it is being punished, when wet. Get a flattering cut and have fun with styles. Avoid flat ironing! Condition, condition, condition! Try some different styling products that do not damage, and will allow for nice curl formation.

Maybe discuss a well rounded diet with your doctor, which includes essential fats (omegas), enough protein, etc.

And remember, you are beautiful! Your hair is beautiful! Enjoy your hair, try not to stress too much (I know, I know) and remember that you are your worse critic. You're doing your best, learning important things nice and early, and I have no doubt that you will find your path to happy hair!
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Finally sulfate free. Avoiding silicones.