Lol I'm confused what's target doing?

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LOL, pretty much Target is trying to market the more natural products on their own, rather than pair it with a specific group, i.e. ethnic hair care. If you go into a local Target, you will notice how specific hair care products are in their own section. For example, the more commercial products like Tresemme, Garnier Fructis, Suave, Aussie, etc. are in their own aisle grouped together. Then there are the more "higher quality" salon products such as Nexxus, Redken (sometimes), Tigi, etc. that are sectioned together. In addition, there are the "ethnic" products such as: Dark and Lovely, relaxers, Olive Oil (brand), etc.

A lot of stores are placing the natural products in the ethnic area; however, marketers are realizing that natural hair care products shouldn't be subjected to one group, which suggests only specific people should use the product. Instead, Target decided to try to make the natural hair care products to have their own section. I have started to see it at some, but not all.
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